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SU CASA EN PROVINCIA                              TECOZAUTLA, HIDALGO

A paradise like safety town where you can walk on stone pavement streets and enjoy of its XVI century constructions, a place where you can sit to contemplate a starry night.

A small village where you can have the benefit of its sunny days full of fruit bearing trees and feel the fragance of its flowery fields.

There is a hutch dam where you can take a guided tour through its submerged mystic town and taste our fish taken from the water, all around this beautiful place.

Nature has blessed us with its curative thermal water.You can visit El Geiser with its regenerative water for beauty and sanitation purposes.

There is also a stone arch aqueduct build in the XVI century.

Pyramids where you can enjoy a beautiful landscape.

Rock paintings in its natural state.All around Tecozautla we can appreicate creations from our craftsmen.

Traditional holidays with a paganism mixture full of gifts for its saints.

To combine all these preceding nature beauties I offer you 7 beautiful and comfortable apartments,for a pleasant and relaxing time.Whith catalonian vaults each apartment includes.

One only furnished bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.

Cafeteria,playing area,everything in one floor so you can move easily in wheelchair if you need it.

Wireless internet.

We also have pet service, ask about it.

Laundry area equipped with washing machines and dryers.

Parking areas , a yard with a roasting jack, tables, a tan area,cleaning services ,privacy and vigilance.

we rent our apartments per day ,week or month and you can choose if you want with or without meals.

Our adress is violeta 9-6 Oriente,Tecozautla Hgo. Mexico C.P.42440 Telephone Number and fax. From USA 011-52 7617335114,


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